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Where Did It Go

Where did it go?


I looked at you as I was driving away and I asked myself how eighteen years went by so fast. I feel like it was just yesterday when I was counting your feeds and marking them down on the booklet the hospital sent me home with. I remember watching you as you fell asleep at my breast with your little hand holding me as if you were afraid I would let go. Now you look at me like you wish I would let go. But how can I?

Nobody tells you how hard it will be when they grow up. Nobody talks about the heavy sadness you will feel. I keep asking myself, what now? Some will say that now I can focus on me, but all I want is to cuddle with my babies again. They say you’ll miss this when it’s gone. They are wrong. I don’t just miss it, I long for it. I cry for it. I dream of it.

They say savor each moment while you can, but no amount of savoring would have left me ready to let it go.

What I say is this, when it’s over you will never get it back. You will be sad, you will cry, you will beg, but it won’t matter because time will not listen. It will keep moving whether you move with it or not.

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Beauty Review Wednesday-

Wearing makeup at 45 years old is definitely so much different than when I was 25. The difference is now I want to wear makeup and back then I didn’t care much about makeup besides the basics. I never wore foundation and that’s my favorite part now. So the last few years have been just a research and review of what works on my older skin.

After trying all types of foundations, bb creams, cc creams, and tinted moisturizers I have found that bb creams and tinted moisturizers with spf work the best for me. The links are from YESStyle but you can also find these on Amazon.

MISSHA – M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42 PA+++

PURITO – Cica Clearing BB Cream

I would love to hear what some of you have found are the best. Please comment and share your favorites.

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Southwest Modern Arrow Review

Do you like jewelry? Do you like to support products made in the USA? Then you will want to try these earrings.

They are made of wood and yet very lightweight. They are great for every day or to dress up. They are so comfortable like you aren’t wearing anything at all.

I am not much of an everyday jewelry person so for me to wear these so often is a big deal. I think you should definitely try them.

Please check them out at this link: Southwest Modern Arrow

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Breastfeeding Moms: They Aren’t Judging You

I struggled with breastfeeding and when I would pull out a bottle to feed my baby I felt the eyes of all the breastfeeding Moms around me, judging me.

The truth- they weren’t even looking at me. They were in their own heads. When you are breastfeeding you are thinking, are they getting enough? Am I doing this right? I’m so tired. I hope they sleep.

Why can I say this? How do I know? Because I’ve breastfed and bottle fed. I’ve also worked with Moms who breastfeed. I know what they are thinking because they’ve expressed their thoughts to me. Most breastfeeding Moms have considered bottle feeding, maybe even tried it.

They feel the same Mom guilt you feel. We aren’t perfect Mother’s and yet we condemn ourselves when we don’t live up to the standards we set up for ourselves.

Somehow though, a message got out that is dividing women. That message is that breastfeeding Moms are judging Moms that bottle feed. It’s just NOT true. If a Mom is judging you she will judge you because of her own insecurities but those kinds of Moms are portrayed in the media as every breastfeeding Mom and it’s just not true. It’s not fair.

They aren’t judging you. They are just like you. They are struggling through this thing called “motherhood.” How we feed are baby does not define motherhood. Mothering does.

Let’s change that message. If you are a breastfeeding Mom please comment and let the world know what you really are thinking. Let them know that you are not judging!

I really want to spread this message. Help me do this by sharing this message.


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How To Make Night Feedings A Little Easier


As a new mom, the one question you hear the most is “how do they sleep or do they sleep through the night?” For some mothers, they do have good sleepers but if your baby is not a good sleeper don’t think there is something wrong with you or that you are doing anything wrong. Today I want to try to give you some tips to help make the nights a little easier speaking from experience.

All four of my babies fed every 1.5 hours so I was up all night and I learned through experience what I could do to make these nights a little less stressful. Before I get into the tips let me say that I promise that it will get better. They will sleep through the night one day. It is just a matter of perseverance and sleepwalking. : )

So let’s get started.

Tip #1 Breastfeed Lying Down- Learning to breastfeed lying down is such a great help. This is usually not very easy in the first two weeks or so when your breasts are super full of milk. Once your milk is established, and you and your baby become better at breastfeeding, lying down will be the best position you ever try.

Tip #2 Keep Your Baby Close- I always slept in a separate room with my newborn. I would have their bassinet right next to me. When it was time to feed I would bring them to the bed with me and then slide them back into their bed when the feeding was over.

Tip #3 Hide The Clock- I thought this was the best idea, I always watched the clock and would count the hours to my next feed. The nights were so long. Count feeds instead of hours in between. Instead of trying to feed every 2-3 hours, count their feeds. They need to feed at least 8 times but can eat up to 12 times a day. By counting the feeds and diapers you can be sure they are feeding enough without watching the clock.

Tip #4 Keep The Lights Off- This was something I always did. I kept a nightlight so I could see enough to feed and to change diapers but by keeping the lights dim it helps teach them the difference between night and day.

Tip #5 Don’t Talk Or Play- When you have the lights dim and you speak in a very low voice or not at all, you are showing them that nights are for sleeping and feeding, not a time to be awake. I promise it does begin to work eventually. It can take up to 8 weeks but they will get there. Just remember don’t compare yourself to other Moms and babies. If your baby takes longer to sleep through the nights it doesn’t reflect you as a Mom.

Tip #6 Breastfeeding Friendly Clothing- When you feeding every few hours you want to be able to have easy access. They have nursing tanks, nursing gowns, or just a button-down gown would work.

Tip #7 Organize Your Bedside For The Nights- You want to keep everything you might need for the night right beside you. You want diapers, wipes, creams, breast pads,..etc. This can actually be fun to look up and get ideas of ways you can organize yourself. You can check out Pinterest for ideas.

Tip #8 If your baby seems to wake very frequently at night, use breast compression to increase the amount of high-fat milk he gets at each feeding. While the baby is sucking, squeeze your breast between your thumb and fingers — like hand-expressing but right into his mouth.

Tip #9 Easy Clean-Up- If your breasts leak milk or your baby spits up, keep a towel underneath you, this can help you stay dry and comfortable. Fold up a few more towels near the bed so you can easily switch to a dry one when you need to.

Tip #10 Try To Take Naps As Often As You Can- Try to rest as much as you can during the day. This can be very hard to do if you have more than one child, but if you can nap when the baby naps it will make a huge difference. Or maybe someone can take the baby for a while on certain mornings while you get a bit more sleep.

With these 10 tips, I hope you can find that although your nights will still be very long and you will be very tired, you will be a little more prepared and have nights that are just a little easier.



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Should You Supplement?

The most common reason parents decide to supplement is concern for nutrition, especially in the first few days. You’re just getting used to breastfeeding, and it may feel like your baby isn’t getting enough to eat, especially at night. It can take time for both mom and baby to adjust to their new routine, and supplementing should only be started after talking with your healthcare provider. 

Parents may also wonder if they should supplement during babies’ ‘growth spurts,’ which happen around two to three weeks, six weeks and around two to three months of age. During these times, babies want to feed more often and even though you are making enough milk, your breasts may feel soft. During a growth spurt, you may feel like you’re feeding all the time. Just try to remember that your baby is helping to increase your milk supply.

So that still leaves the question, should I supplement? The answer isn’t as easy as just saying yes. There are a few questions we want to answer:

  • Why you want to supplement,
  • Would you choose to exclusively breastfeed if you had more confidence that your baby is getting enough,
  • Do you need to supplement because of medical reasons
  • Are you choosing to supplement because of personal reasons

If the reason you want to supplement is just because you worry about milk supply it would be good to get help from any breastfeeding expert. But if you are wanting to supplement for personal reasons and it is really what you want to do, then yes, you can successfully breastfeed and supplement. Their are some tips on how to make partial breastfeeding work for you so do your research and you can make it work!

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Breastfeeding and the Flu

Many times when we get sick our first thought is how we can keep from passing it to our baby. We may think that by breastfeeding we will pass whatever we have to our baby through both our milk and by holding them. So we might decide to not breastfeed. Did you know though, that you are actually more likely to get your baby sick by not breastfeeding?

When we are sick our body immediately begins to make antibodies to attack whatever virus we have. When we breastfeed we are passing these antibodies which will attack the virus if your baby gets it. If you don’t breastfeed the only possibility is that your baby will come in contact with the virus and have to build their own immunity.

So in conclusion, breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed.

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So when I open Facebook and it says in the text box what is on my mind I have never really used Facebook to really say what is on my mind except to share recipes, pictures, events and so forth. But there is something on my mind tonight and I want to share it.

I have been married to my husband for 15 and a half years and I have never felt stronger to express how much I love and appreciate my husband. Usually birthdays, anniversaries, special days like mothers or fathers day are days that many will express their love for someone. Well there is no event but I have a very strong desire to express to my husband how I feel about him and I want everyone to know. I want to shout it from the top of a mountain but I will settle for Facebook.

When Ken and I married 15 years ago I was so happy, I finally was a wife and I would start a family, it was like a dream that finally came true. But in reality life doesn’t work that way. Marriage is not easy. But many newlyweds will say that their first year was the best year so when Ken and I began to find ourselves having a really rough time adapting to marriage and each other I thought that I had made a mistake. But then I remembered something a dear older sister said to me one day. She said that her first four years of marriage were the worst and she regretted marrying her husband but then it all changed and her marriage began to get better and better every year. So when our first year was really tough and regrets were in our hearts I had this small light of hope. I will say that it probably took about 4-5 years but instead of starting out with the best year and finding that marriage got harder the longer we were married it was the opposite. It seemed every year got a little easier. We had many days of silence where we would not talk to each other because we were both to stubborn to be the first to break the silence. I felt miserable and I think Ken did too. What was really funny though is that when we were not arguing we were so happy and we really did love each other so much. We just didn’t know how to communicate, our cultural difference was so great. I used to say that we would be arguing but in reality we were saying the same thing but in different languages. We didn’t understand one another.

As the years went by I started noticing that our arguments and silent treatments were becoming less and less. I remember realizing at one point that the only person that i could change was myself and as i made changes something wonderful happened, Ken started changing too. He saw the changes I was making and loved me more. I noticed that his desire was to give me whatever I wanted, he really loved me in a way that I had never known. The commercial idea that is sent to men and women is this idea of some fantasy of love that does not exist. Love is something that takes time and it happens as each partner makes the changes needed to make the marriage work.

I can not pin point a specific moment or day when I noticed the biggest change or when I realized what real love was and that I had it. This does not mean that once I have it I can not lose it. Love takes work and sacrifice and the greater sacrifice the greater the love. Love is not something that is stagnant. It grows literally every day. Or it can stop growing, it is something that has to either move one way or another. It does not just stay the same. I can’t wait to love him even more. I don’t want to ever lose him and this means that we both have to work very hard to keep our love growing.

I never realized what being loved really meant. But when I look in my husbands eyes and I can see his love for me. He protects me, he makes me a better person, he does everything he can to make me feel his love. He is my bestest and closest friend. He makes me feel beautiful and young. He makes me laugh, and he makes me feel safe. I know that when I need him he always there. He tells me he loves me in so many ways, without words. Its not when he buys me flowers or any other gifts. Its the way he pushes me to be my best, when he tells me that I am wrong, when he tells me to fight harder, when he gives me honest and constructive criticism, its when he holds me as I cry that I am fat, or ugly, or old. Its when he tells me that everything will be alright and when it won’t be alright he tells me that he is by my side and will fight with me, that he will feel the pain with me. When he doesn’t really understand but tries anyway. Even when he falls asleep and I am pouring out my heart to him because he says that there is nothing more relaxing than the sound of my voice in his ears.

He is not perfect, he doesn’t always have the right words, and doesn’t hesitate to state his mind. He can drive me crazy when he thinks he is right, which many times he is, and is quick to say, “I told you so”. He has his own style of communication and bluntly states what may be right or wrong. He is very much a “by the book” kind of guy. But with all that being said, I get to see a side of him that no one else sees. I see his soft heart, his loyalty to family even when they don’t know it. I lay down every night, next to the man that Jehovah gave to me, the greatest gift he has ever given me. If I ever were in a position that I was single I know that there is no man out there that could ever be as good for me as he is and I will never love anyone the way that I love him.

I feel compelled to write this because I just want him and everyone else to know how much I love him. There are people that do not really know my husband, they may think he is not right for me, they may not know that the love that we share between one another is a love that does not age. He still sees me as his beautiful wife, not just a mom, or a wife, but as his partner for life. He is a “tough love” kind of guy and many may like him or hate him but I see what Jehovah sees, I see what makes him the best husband for me, and I see what makes him a great father and a great man.

Our marriage took a different path in the last two years, my health has taken many things from both of us, we don’t get to have the man and wife kind of moments like we used too. We have both had to make great sacrifices that have not been easy but instead of this creating a wedge between us, it has made us closer. We make every moment count. When we made the vows to love in sickness and health, we never knew how truthful those vows would be. He has loved me at my worst, he still sees me as his beautiful wife even though I may be unable to be the wife he deserves. He loves me, and I just can not imagine my life without him. He is a gift, a gift that I hope to have for an eternity. I don’t want the “until death” part, I want him forever. There isn’t anything about him that I would change.

So to all those out there that will read this tonight, or tomorrow, or the next, my family and my friends, my mom and my dad, I want you to know that I am happy, I am loved, and I am treasured in a way that no one will ever be able to love me.

I may be sick and my life and future has changed but one thing that has not changed is that my husband loves me and I am happy. I am truly, truly happy. I pray to Jehovah everyday that I will continue to treasure my husband and that he will continue to love me forever. We have been through many things but I wouldn’t change anything. Even the beginning with all the tears and struggles, I somehow managed to find the love of my life. I am happy.

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Causes of Gas in Babies

Some causes of gas in babies

  • Many young babies have a certain amount of gas and seem to strain as it is passed or as a bowel movement occurs simply because of the immaturity of their digestive system. Most babies can manage gas more easily with growth, maturity, and greater activity.
  • Anything that causes baby to take in too much air may result in a gassy baby such as:
    • Crying – Babies swallow air when they are crying, so crying is more likely to be the cause of gas, rather than the result of gas.
    • Bottlefeeding – Babies usually swallow more air when drinking from a bottle. When using bottles, use the slowest-flow nipples so baby doesn’t get overwhelmed with the milk flow. To reduce air swallowing, keep baby at about a 45 degree angle (rather than lying down), make sure baby has a good seal on the base of the nipple, and keep the bottle tilted so the neck & nipple are filled with milk.
  • Overabundant milk supply.
  • Thrush can cause gassiness in babies.
  • Babies who skip several days between stools tend to be gassier.
  • Sensitivity to something in mother’s diet, including any vitamin/iron supplements, etc.
  • Anything that baby is eating/drinking other than mother’s milk, including vitamins, formula, teas, medications or herbs, solids, juice. Any substance (other than breastmilk) has a much greater potential to increase gassiness rather than reduce it.

Information from: https://kellymom.com/parenting/parenting-faq/gassybaby/

You can find more parenting tips at:

Eating Solids

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This Week’s Beauty Review

Are you looking for new skincare to try? Do you like Physicians Formula? Do you like roses? I recently purchased the Rose’ All Day line of skincare from physicians formula. I have already finished the serum and I’ve almost finished the eye cream. I repurchased the serum today and I am so glad I did. The scent is very light but very nice. This whole line is oil free and great for the skin.

The Rosé All Day Glow claims that is everything your skin needs to cleanse, treat, moisturize, protect, and glow all out! It is enriched with Rose Water to help soothe, calm, and hydrate skin, and is formulated with antioxidant-rich Kakadu Plum — the richest Vitamin C source of any fruit. Paraben Free. Cruelty Free. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved.

If you are looking for drugstore skin care that is priced right, you should definitely check this out.

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Spicy Foods and Breastfeeding

Will eating spicy food while I am breastfeeding hurt my baby?

What you eat does enter your breastmilk but only traces of food that you eat. In many cases what you eat does not bother your baby, in fact eating foods such as spicy foods can benefit your baby. The flavor of your breastmilk changes according to what you eat and this introduces different tastes which can help your baby when they begin to eat solid foods around six months old. If your baby seems upset or irritable, you could try eating a milder diet to see if makes a difference.

Check out my website to learn more.

More parenting tips found at:Does What I Eat Effect My Baby?