If I Could Write a Book

I have always wanted to write a book. Something fiction and with a great story. I have had ideas over the years. The idea of writing a book or even a short story has always intimidated me because of the dialogue part. I have tried writing in third person, first person, and narrator but just the, he said-she said parts overwhelm me. Introducing each person who is speaking and their expressions, all of that just makes me cringe.

But…If I could get my mind to slow down enough to think about each detail, and not let them become like mountains I can’t climb, I would write about my childhood.

I have always wanted to write a book about life in the eighties. When I look back I feel like decades took on certain colors and when I think of late seventies into the eighties, I think of oranges, browns, yellows, and pea greens. My memories are filled with those colors and I want to write about them. How different it was living back then. So if I had the time and right circumstances: I would write a book and I would call it “The Color of My Childhood,” or something of that nature.

Have you written a book? What is the hardest part, do you think? If you could write a book what would you write about?




  1. I started my novel by writing 50000 words as part of the NaNoWriMo challenge last November – I’ve had an idea in mind ferever, and actually gave it a go. Like you, I struggle with dialogue, finding it hard to make it sound authentic. The book, now at 50000 words, needs editing – fleshing out in places where I rushed it and the dialogu​e, yes the dialogue…. When I will get around to it, I’m not sure, but I started. I can highly recommend NaNoWriMo if you want to give yourself a kick sta​r​t! Here are ​two posts I wrote about the experience https://dibzzen.com/tag/nanowrimo/
    So I guess we are in the same boat – let’s keep ​encouraging each other along the path.

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