Why I Write The Stories, “If I could go back for a day”

If you’ve read my series of “If I could go back for a day,” you may be wondering why I write them. Is it true stories? Do I have a purpose in writing these stories?

While it is very true that I wish I could go back for a day and just really enjoy every moment with my little babies, I also want to make a record of memories. You see my children don’t remember a lot of the things I did with them and I have boys that don’t really ask, and may not even care, but someday, someone will. I have decided to write my memories in the form of stories and I want to eventually print them. Much of the story may be fiction but imbedded in each one will be a memory. I may just leave it up to the reader to figure out what is fiction and what is true.

I hope to pass these stories to my daughter so that she can share them with her brothers and maybe my sons’ wives will be interested, and even grandchildren. Until then I will share them with you and I hope that you will enjoy reading them.



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